Special content to support The Catholic Teacher’s Companion

This special content supports The Catholic Teacher’s Companion. They consist of lists, prayers, summaries of teachings, and other useful information for the Catholic teacher.         1 The Bible a. Books of the Bible and their abbreviations Old Testament The Torah or Pentateuch Genesis Gn Exodus Ex Leviticus Lv Numbers Nm Deuteronomy Dt HistoricalContinue reading “Special content to support The Catholic Teacher’s Companion”

The Ontario Religious Education Curriculum and Foundations of Our Faith

     The Foundations of Our Faith series provides excellent teacher background for the new Religious Education Curriculum. The curriculum is woven around six strands which are further refined into fundamental concepts. The accompanying chart shows how the three books can help teachers more deeply understand these fundamental concepts. Chart Foundations Elem Curric The Foundations ofContinue reading “The Ontario Religious Education Curriculum and Foundations of Our Faith”

25 Questions About the Mass

A look at 25 Questions about the Mass. Welcome to this overview of 25 Questions about the Mass. I’ve included a couple of the questions to give you an idea about the book. Novalis will be publishing the book in Spring, 2010. It’s part of a series called 25 Questions. From the Introduction … AtContinue reading “25 Questions About the Mass”

A Catholic Teacher’s Companion

    Ordering: https://www.novalis.ca/Product.aspx?ids=7612267 Special Web Supplement: https://lesmiller.ca/2014/04/07/special-content-to-support-the-catholic-teachers-companion/ Sample entry: Grace God’s gift of saving love that is offered to everyone, all the time. Grace is freely given and has no strings attached. We can respond to this gift by accepting God into our lives. Learning can be an opportunity for grace for both educatorsContinue reading “A Catholic Teacher’s Companion”