Northern Light

Images from the the Northern Light expeditions to evoke the sacred landscape of Canada

Click here to find bonus online materials that complement the photographs, prayers and reflections found in the print edition of Northern Light: A Canadian Prayer Book, published by Novalis. The title of this book, Northern Light, refers to the geographic inspiration for many of these prayers. It also refers to Christ’s light illuminating our  world. These prayers try to reflect this light in a Canadian context. “Northern light” also refers to the heavenly phenomenon that many Canadians see in the northern skies. These beautiful lights in the darkness are a profound metaphor for Christ’s message in these troubled times. They are charged particles illuminating God’s grandeur amid the  darkness.The prayers and reflections in  Northern Light make frequent reference to real Canadian places that have helped me to embrace the transcendent. Although the book reaches out to fellow  Canadians, it is also very personal in that it evokes parts of Canada familiar to me. As Henri Nouwen wrote, “The most personal is the most universal.”

An Introduction to Northern Light
Visio Divina: Grace in the Land

Visio Divina in Northern Light

For more on Visio Divina see the link on

Visio Divina: Toronto at Night

Northern Light Endorsements

“How many times have you greeted a sunrise or a sunset with the words ‘Oh my God!’? It is as if our Spirit is directly addressing the Creator.  Northern Light has the same effect!”

—PAT CARTER CSJ, Huron Superior Catholic District School Board Faith Animator, Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Education of Ontario Chair.

“It’s better than beer!”

—VICKI NEEDHAM, Columbus Ohio

“Gorgeous book”

—BOB WICKS, clinical psychologist and spiritual writer and presenter.

 “It is a marvellous book!”

—MARY JO LEDDY, founder of Romero House, a centre for refugees in Toronto

“My heart was opened, invited; my body stilled; my mind surprised and stretched and my spirit given new wings as I read. Les Miller artistically combines – and sometimes juxtaposes – realistic photos of sacred Canadian land and places, familiar religious and liturgical language and symbols, and scriptural story with creative, magical, even mystical interpretations beautifully expressed in prayer and reflection. This enriched my awareness of the immanence and transcendence of the Creator present in this part of the earth. He invites us into kairos time, contemplative time and space, and an opportunity to recognize and live integral ecology that honours sacred earth and her marginalized people who are impoverished and treated unjustly.” 


“Whether you are a Canadian or a welcomed visitor, Northern Light is a must-have companion that captures Canadian sacra­mentality. This book sets breathtaking beauty, often beyond description, into eloquent prayers and reflections.” 

—KATHLEEN NGUYEN, Religious Education Consultant, Edmonton Catholic Schools 

Northern Light: a prayerful celebration of our integral Canadian ecology; a healing balm for our wounded relationships; a recognition of God’s creation; an invitation to praise the Lord!” 

—JOE BEZZINA, Director of Pastoral Services, Episcopal Liaison for Catholic Schools, Diocese of London, Ontario 

“Canada’s unique spirituality is beautifully manifested in Northern Light. From the historical communion of Signal Hill to the inspiring grandeur of the Rockies, we experience the scars and triumphs of youth: strength, failure and reconciliation.” 

—ERIN KELLY, President and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. 

“These prayers and reflections will root you in this place we call home: from mountains to maple trees and subways to skyscrapers. Let Les Miller walk you through the Canadian Cathedral!” 

—LUKE STOCKING, Deputy Director of Public Engagement, Ontario and Atlantic Regions, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada 

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