Ingersoll, Ontario May,  2016

IMG_3895This photograph was taken late evening from a rest stop on the 401. The utter beauty and simplicity of the scene led me to grab this image. There is a windbreak of spruce trees that seperates sky from land. This is the earth’s living edge.

We have our own horizons, our own places where the fixity of the earth meets the wild possibility of the skies. We live on the horizon of the fixed past and the undetermined future in the horizon of now. This is the thin place where we meet God, on the horizon.

Loving God,
Help me to realize that I am always on the edge,
I am always on the horizon of my own life.
You are with me here.
Help us resist the temptation of being stuck in the familiar and safe
And the the wild draw of freedom that dissolves into license.
We pray in your name,

Horizon:  8 x 10

Les Miller is the former Religious Education Coordinator of the York Catholic District School Board and the recipient of the CARFLEO 2009 Archbishop Pocock Award for Excellence in Religious Education. He teaches at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and is a well-respected presenter and workshop facilitator.

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