Carlisle Cathedral Ceiling

Carlisle, United Kingdom September,  2017 I am fascinated by the ceilings of Cathedrals and Abbeys. Architecture and art must harmonize to evoke a feeling of heaven. These expressions are conscious depictions of heaven or at least thin places. These thin places are the small “s” sacraments that we meet in the world. They are refractionsContinue reading “Carlisle Cathedral Ceiling”

The Lord is My Shepherd

Newlands Valley, Lake District, United Kingdom  September,  2017    The English Lake District was my first home. It was also the home of the Lake Poets. I lived about 100 metres from the birthplace of William Wordsworth. The Lake Poets took nature as inspiration and expressed their closeness to the transcendent in verse. Revisiting myContinue reading “The Lord is My Shepherd”